Why Netflix’s Cloud Gaming Library Will Differ From Its Mobile Gaming Offerings

Netflix Games

Netflix Games has been building out its offerings since late 2021. This has mainly included Netflix buying and building game studios, beta testing cloud video games, and releasing downloadable mobile games. However there are some notable issues Netflix is going to have to face as they move more of their mobile games into the cloud. Let’s discuss what these issues are.

Controller Issues Will Arise With Most Games:

The first point we have to make is around controls and how to move some of the games from mobile devices to the cloud, they will need to work out controller support. Whilst many games on Netflix’s mobile app offer controller support already (click here to see our list of the best Netflix Games with controller support), not all the games do. Netflix’s Controller App on mobile devices allows you to use your phone as the controller for Netflix’s cloud games. However, many gamers are more likely to prefer a traditional game controller or keyboard and mouse combo over a sensitive touchscreen.

Netflix Games

Aspect Ratios Are Going To Be An Issue:

The second problem could be a harder fix than the controller issues: that’s the issue of the aspect ratios. Whilst many games on Netflix like Oxenfree are presented in the widescreen aspect ratio, making it an easier game to fit all screens, several other games like Nailed It! Baking Bash have a portrait aspect ratio. Now, I don’t think I need to explain to you how TVs are widescreen and so are most PCs and tablets; so some games need reworking to fit all screens that you can use Netflix Cloud Gaming on.

Money Heist Game

Licensing Issues May Come Into Play:

The final point I want to go over is the licensing issues Netflix will face. For those not in the know, Netflix doesn’t own every game on its platform – just like they don’t own every film or television series on their service. While Netflix Games offers great games like Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition on mobile, that doesn’t necessarily mean those games are licensed to be made available on the cloud through Netflix. The outliers here are Netflix’s own games. However, no matter how popular Netflix’s television and film IPs become they will always struggle to catch the attention of gaming audiences the way Grand Theft Auto and Sonic The Hedgehog have done.

Final Thoughts:

These are the main reasons why I feel Netflix Games will struggle to move its entire mobile gaming library into the cloud. However, I’m optimistic about what Netflix will do. Maybe if Netflix can’t bring all their mobile games over, they can still add cloud versions of games they own that aren’t on Netflix Games yet – looking at you Afterparty! But, I also think it would be nice for Netflix to try and keep the libraries as close as possible. There are almost 100 games on Netflix via mobile but less than a dozen in the cloud beta. So, we will have to wait and see what happens.

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