Netflix Games 2023 Review

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It is now 2024 and as we ring in the new year let’s look back at Netflix’s year of 2023, talk about some ups and downs, and what I would like to see Netflix do in 2024, so let’s dive in.

Netflix Added A Staggering 37 Games To Its Game Platform

Netflix added some incredible games to its game library during the year 2023, some notable games included the addition of games like Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy: Definitive Edition, Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals, and Death’s Door. With the consistent increase of games with Netflix adding between two and four games to its gaming platform every month, it equaled thirty-seven games by the end of the year, which isn’t too bad for a company like Netflix which is still experimenting with adding new games and the process of creating and licensing games.

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Netflix Rolled Out A Limited Cloud Gaming Beta

Another big highlight of Netflix Games in 2023 was the launch of Netflix Cloud Gaming in beta form in the UK, US, and Canada. This beta is still ongoing but only has a slim library of games which Netflix will hopefully continue to increase as they expand their beta into other countries (I’d personally roll out the beta in Germany, South Korea, and Japan because of their huge gaming markets).

Hopes For Netflix Games In 2024

My biggest hopes for Netflix Games in 2024 are simple, but I want to see these moves made by Netflix. The first thing I want to see Netflix do is expand its cloud gaming service to more countries and give gamers across the world the ability to use Netflix’s new cloud gaming feature. The second point and arguably the more important one is Netflix adding more games from its catalog to its platform, including games like Afterparty, Compass Point West, and Triple Town.

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