Netflix Games Has Some Unique Advantages Over Other Cloud Gaming Services

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There are now over a dozen cloud gaming services including ones by the likes of Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation. But, I want to discuss why Netflix has a bunch of advantages when it comes to its cloud gaming service, which is currently in beta testing with a small number of invited users.

Netflix Has Almost Two Decades Of Cloud Streaming:

Back in 2007, Netflix launched its streaming video subscription, and in 2013 Netflix started releasing original content which later included interactive movies. Netflix has roughly sixteen years of experience when it comes to streaming high-quality video globally. Its interactive movies include the likes of “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” and “Cat Burglar”. Netflix has enough experience with streaming tech to make games run smoothly on its platform for most users (depending on your internet connection).

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Netflix Has Almost Two Hundred and Fifty Million Paying Customers:

Another big reason why Netflix Games has such a big advantage over other cloud gaming platforms is the fact that Netflix has almost two hundred and fifty million paying customers across the globe. To put that number in perspective: that means Netflix has a subscriber base roughly the same size as the combined populations of Germany, France, Spain, and The United Kingdom. This statistic means that Netflix Games will have a huge advantage compared to other cloud gaming services as Netflix is widely available across the globe (barring four countries) so they could easily have a headstart on player numbers for games like Oxenfree when their cloud service is fully rolled out.

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Netflix’s IP Library Is Massive:

Okay, this point may not make sense to many people, but let me explain. What do the super-villain comic book series “Supercrooks”, Roald Dahl’s children’s book “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory”, Night School Studio video game “Oxenfree”, Netflix children’s series “Storybots” and Netflix film “Rebel Moon” all have in common? If you said they are all IP that Netflix owns, then you’d be correct. Netflix produces hundreds of films, television series, specials, and games a year – as well as going on a mini acquisition spree which led to them acquiring four game studios, “Storybots”, the entire catalog of deceased British author Roald Dahl’s works among other assets.

And, Netflix is using its well-known IP to help grow its gaming service. Currently, Netflix owns thirteen of its seventy-eight games, and of those thirteen games only one “Dungeon Boss Respawned” doesn’t belong to a multimedia or multigame franchise. This could easily be a good way for Netflix to grow by getting viewers hooked on cloud games based on their favorite Netflix shows and films.

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