What to Expect From Netflix Games in 2024

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The first month of 2024 is almost over; so, let’s look at my expectations for Netflix Games in 2024 as someone who has been watching Netflix Games closely since 2021. Let’s go ahead and dive right in.

More Games Based On Netflix IP

Starting with the obvious, Netflix will probably release or announce more games based on its extremely diverse IP portfolio. Netflix has teased games based on Extraction, Wednesday and Squid Game. They have already released games based on Money Heist, Stranger Things, Too Hot To Handle and Love Is Blind. As Netflix is an entertainment company it makes a lot of sense for them to continue to increase the popularity of their IP and bring in new fans who will explore these franchises and keep a conversation going around Netflix’s large catalog.

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Netflix Rolling Out Its Cloud Gaming Beta To More Countries

The next point is another obvious one: Netflix currently offers a cloud gaming beta in the UK, US, and Canada and allows select Netflix users the ability to stream a small game library on smart TVs and computers. The games available via the cloud include an exclusive Netflix Original game called MoleGem Mayhem. Now there are many more countries we could see Netflix roll out its cloud gaming beta to, but personally, if I were in charge of Netflix I’d expand the beta in Japan, South Korea, and Germany which are also major gaming markets from which Netflix could benefit from launching its cloud platform.

More Big Name Games and Partnerships

The next point is vital for any game platform to survive, getting a strong library of well-known games and strong partnerships. Some notable developers and publishers who have brought games to Netflix include Rockstar Games, Sega, and Ubisoft who so far have released games in the popular Grand Theft Auto, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Valiant Hearts. Now in 2024, Netflix will need to continue to build on the partnerships they have already made and will need to attract more big publishers like 2K Games, EA, Capcom, and Square Enix as well as continue to build on their partnerships with Sega, Ubisoft and other smaller teams.

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More Clarity From Netflix Game Studios:

My final prediction is for something I feel Netflix Games is missing: a lack of clarity about what their game studios are developing and when they will be released. So far, since setting up Netflix Games Studios in September 2021 and acquiring four studios to help them, Netflix has only released four internally developed games – three of which came from developer Boss Fight Entertainment and the other comes from Night School Studio. So, that’s two out of the six internal studios. Besides a few teases of some new IP-based games and the confirmation of Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit coming in 2024 as well as Compass Point West supposedly being brought back, there needs to be some more clarity around Netflix Games Studios and what they are working on.

What do you think? Do you agree with my predictions and asks from Netflix Games in 2024? Let us know on social media.

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