Netflix Games Studio Profile: Who Are The Studios Making Games For Netflix?

Netflix Games

Netflix broke into the gaming industry back in 2021 by releasing mobile games onto its iOS and Android apps and they are now also in the process of building out a cloud gaming platform. With Netflix investing a large amount of money into video games let’s take a look at the six game studios Netflix currently has, what they have released in the past, and what they are currently developing.

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Studio Profile One: Netflix Game Studio California/Studio Blue

Let’s start with one of the easiest ones to discuss, Netflix set up a studio in California to develop “big budget triple AAA” video games, this studio has been nicknamed “Studio Blue”. Whilst this studio hasn’t released a single game yet they have been developing a “triple AAA big budget PC FPS game” which is a big risk to take one for a new studio. This studio is also notable as it has been hiring former PlayStation Studios, Xbox Game Studios, and Activision Blizzard developers including, Joseph Staten (Halo Infinite), Jerry Edsall (Gears Of War), Chacko Sonny (Overwatch), and Raf Grassetti (God Of War).

Whilst very little is known about the game this studio is developing it’s safe to say it will be a big game with the team Netflix has assembled for it.

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Studio Profile Two: Night School Studio

The first of four game studios Netflix acquired, Night School Studio is a beloved indie studio behind the “Afterparty”, “Next Stop Nowhere” and “Oxenfree” games. Night School Studio was acquired by Netflix in September 2021 and since being acquired has gone on to release “Oxenfree 2” which was released on Netflix Games on the same day as other platforms. With Night School Studio releasing “Oxenfree 2” back in July we can only assume they are working on porting the game to Xbox consoles alongside working on the “Oxenfree” and “Afterparty” film and TV show adaptions which were previously announced.

We can’t tell for certain what Night School Studio is cooking up but it’s important to note that the Night School Studio game “Oxenfree” is one of the two trial games on the Netflix Cloud Gaming Beta in the UK and Canada. When it comes to Netflix Game Studios, Night School Studio is one to watch.

Studio Profile Three: Next Games

Next Games is the third studio on our list and it’s one of the stranger ones as it is the only acquired studio which we know the price paid for ($72 Million). Next Games is known as the studio behind the popular “Stranger Things” mobile game, “Stranger Things Puzzle Tales” as well as the game “Compass Point West”. Next Games has a short resume when compared to it’s sister studio Spry Fox but there is no doubt they know how to make live-service games that keep players engaged for long periods.

As of now, Next Games is working on remastering “Compass Point West” and continuing to update “Stranger Things Puzzle Tales” with brand new content based on the “Stranger Things” franchise.

Studio Profile Four: Moonloot Games

The other game studio that Netflix set up inhouse and funnily enough it is the sister studio to Next Games which are both based in Helsinki Finland. Not much is known about Moonloot Games and what they are developing however a few months back there was an image shared from Moonloot Games that looked to be some type of “Animal Crossing” like video game.

Besides the previously mentioned “Animal Crossing” like game there is no other information on what Moonloot is developing, so seeing what this Finnish developer comes out with will be a surprise.

Studio Profile Five: Boss Fight Entertainment

Boss Fight Entertainment is one of the more interesting game studios within Netflix as at the time of writing they have only published two games and have two others in development. Boss Fight Entertainment developed and published the games “Dungeon Boss Respawned” and “Netflix Stories Love Is Blind” which are such different genres as you go from a dungeon crawler RPG to a dating simulation game. We also know of at least two other games that Boss Fight Entertainment is working on.

Boss Fight Entertainment is currently working on supporting “Dungeon Boss Respawned” with new content updates but is also working on the games “Netflix Stories Virgin River” and “Netflix Stories Money Heist”. Boss Fight Entertainment is definitely keeping itself busy.

Studio Profile Six: Spry Fox

The last studio on the list and one of the ones which has yet to bring a game to Netflix Games, Spry Fox. This studio has been around for over a decade and has produced notable games like “Alphabear”, “Road Not Taken”, “Triple Town” and “Cozy Grove” so they have quite a nice resume when compared to other studios within Netflix. As of now, there are zero games from Spry Fox on Netflix.

As of writing, we know that Spry Fox is working on “Cozy Grove 2” and a “Non-violent MMO”, hopefully, we will see some of Spry Fox’s cozy games on Netflix sometime soon.

Final Thoughts:

Here is your comprehensive list of who the studios are from Netflix and what the games those studios are known for are. Have you played any of the games that Netflix’s internal studios have developed and published? Let us know!


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