Netflix Games Summer Games Fest 2024 Predictions

Netflix Games

Netflix Games has been confirmed as one of the publishers that will be taking part in Summer Games Fest. I wanted to go over what I expect to see confirmed for Netflix Games during the show. We’re going to go over a few different predictions including game release dates and game announcements. So let’s go.

Prediction One: Moonloot Games’ Will Officially Unveil Their Game:

The first prediction is an easy one. Moonloot Games confirmed in 2023 that they were working on a game which took heavy inspiration from Nintendo’s Animal Crossing. However, despite the image above and the confirmation that this game exists, we have seen no other news about what this game is, what the plot is, or the name of the game! To me, it would be insane if Netflix didn’t announce what this game is called or when this game is coming out. This is my first prediction and I think this is one of the more likely ones.

Prediction Two: Cozy Grove Camp Spirit Will Receive a Release Date:

The next prediction I have for Netflix Games during Summer Games Fest is that we will most likely get a release date for Cozy Grove Camp Spirit. With Cozy Grove Camp Spirit being confirmed for a 2024 release date, there is no reason, unless the date is confirmed before Summer Games Fest, for this game to make an appearance at this showcase. This one is another very likely prediction especially since Netflix needs to provide more exclusive games for its growing gaming offerings.

Prediction Three: New Games Based On Pre-Established Netflix IPs:

The next prediction is an easy one: there is a likely chance that we will see new games coming to Netflix that are based on pre-established Netflix IPs. Now, we have already seen a number of games based on Stranger Things and Too Hot To Handle, so they are probably less likely to receive new games; however, I would personally like to see some new Netflix games based on their children’s properties. My wishlist includes games based on Bad Dinosaurs, Supercrooks, and The Sea Beast. I also think we will hopefully receive updates for the upcoming Rebel Moon game, which was announced in 2023.

Prediction Four: A Big Third-Party Publisher Will Show Support:

The next prediction I have is that we will see a big third-party publisher throw their support behind Netflix Games. We have already seen Ubisoft, Sega, and Take-Two Interactive-owned Rockstar Games publish games on Netflix, as well as Netflix adapting Capcom’s Resident Evil game series, Konami’s Castlevania franchise, and Bandai Namco’s Tekken as films and television series. If I had to guess which major game publisher we will see strike a deal with Netflix, I’m guessing it will either be one of the publishers under Microsoft’s gaming umbrella (due to legal compliance) or the most likely options of either Konami, Capcom, or Bandai Namco. Preferably out of my four predictions, it would be Capcom or Konami, as, in my opinion, they have more interesting games than Bandai Namco.

Netflix Games

Final Thoughts:

Netflix has had a rather quiet year so far when it comes to announcements and game releases. However, if Netflix wants to show that they have lots of plans and moves still to make within the gaming industry, the Summer Game Fest is the time to do so. With the markets for mobile gaming and cloud gaming becoming increasingly competitive, Netflix needs to expand its offerings and prove to gamers why they need a Netflix subscription. We will have to wait for Summer Game Fest to see what Netflix Games has in store.

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