Netflix Owned Video Games Missing From Netflix Games

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Netflix owns a few dozen games and most of them are already available on Netflix for all subscribers, but there are several of them which aren’t yet available on Netflix Games, so let’s go over those games.

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Game Title: Next Stop Nowhere

The first game we will look at is one of two appearances of Netflix studio Night School Studio on our list. Next Stop Nowhere is an adventure game that is described as a “toad trip through space” where you play as a space courier named Beckett who crosses paths with bounty hunter Serra who throws Beckett into an adventure as they race to save Serra’s son Eddy. The expected reason why this game isn’t on Netflix Games yet has probably got to do with a licensing agreement signed with Apple back in 2020 for the game to appear on Apple Arcade.

Game Title: Afterparty

The next game on our list is the second game by Night School Studio and it’s an action-adventure game about two best friends who need to outdrink the devil after they die unexpectedly so they can return to life on Earth. Whilst there is no exact date for Afterparty to come to Netflix nor is there a confirmed reason for the game’s absence from Netflix, I do think there would be a more likely chance of this game coming to Netflix after they fully roll out their cloud gaming service.

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Game Title: Compass Point West

The first and only game on this list from Netflix’s studio Next Games, Compass Point West is a cowboy strategy game where you must face the western frontier, build your town, and grow your posse in this exciting wild west game. Now whilst there is no official date for this game to be added to Netflix Games it was confirmed in 2023 that Next Games was working on bringing this game back and also renewed the trademark. Hopefully, we will see this mobile game come back in 2024.

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Game Title: Triple Town

Now we reach the studio Spry Fox which has the largest missing backlog of Netflix’s game studios. Triple Town is a city-building game where you merge buildings to grow your town, the game is described as the first “merge” game of its kind. Triple Town being absent from Netflix is a bit of an odd one in my opinion as the game is available on Steam and mobile devices so adding this game to Netflix should be easy, hopefully, we will see this game on Netflix sometime in the future.

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Game Title: Road Not Taken

The next game on the list is Road Not Taken a video game Spry Fox developed and published based on the poem of the same name by poet Robert Frost. Road Not Taken is a game described as a game about life’s surprises both the good and bad. Road Not Taken is available on Steam and mobile devices so adding this game to Netflix Games should be quite easy, especially as there don’t seem to be any licensing issues that affect two other games on this list.

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Game Title: Bushido Bear

What’s more dangerous than a sword-wielding ninja or an angry bear? Well an angry sword-wielding ninja bear, duh. Bushido Bear is an action game from Spry Fox that was released in 2016 and is available on mobile devices and Steam. Bushido Bear is a freemium game so that could have something to do with why the game isn’t on Netflix Games, but hopefully this year we will see this game come to Netflix’s growing library.

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Game Title: Alpahbear

This next game is a Scrabble-like game where you create words by joining letters together. Now the absence of this game from Netflix Games is an odd one as it is the perfect casual game for Netflix subscribers to play. Hopefully, Netflix will release this game on their platform within the year as Spry Fox is the only Netflix-owned developer who has yet to release a game on Netflix.

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Game Title: Cozy Grove

Okay, this one is on here as a technicality as this game is expected to have a sequel released on Netflix in 2024 but the original game is still missing. Cozy Grove is a life simulation game where you go camping on a haunted island as a Spirit Scout. The main reason why this game is most probably not coming to Netflix anytime soon is the fact this game is still on Apple Arcade.

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