New Content for Marvel’s Avengers, Super Animal Royale and More Now Live

Free Update for Marvel’s Avengers Adds Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor

SQUARE ENIX announced that Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor is now available as a playable Hero in Marvel’s Avengers, bringing the game’s roster of Heroes to 10 across all platforms.

In Marvel’s Avengers, Jane Foster is the Mighty Thor: wielder of the legendary Mjolnir, guided by her strong conscience, determination, and skill as a doctor. In addition to managing her own cancer diagnosis, Jane resolved to fight for Inhumans after the A-Day accident, and Mjolnir called out to her. To her surprise, she lifted it with ease and was transformed into the Mighty Thor! While wielding her power, her cancer was held at bay, and she joined the Avengers when they reassembled to fight AIM.  

Marvel’s Avengers continues to expand over time with the addition of new features, mission types, regions, items, and more delivered to players at no additional cost for players who own the core game. 

Super Animal Royale Season 4 Is Now Available

Modus Games and Pixile Studios are happy to release Super Animal Royale Season 4, bringing with it plenty of new updates alongside a MOBA-style mole boss in the game’s revamped team-based flag control mode, S.A.W. vs Rebellion.

Super Animal Royalewhich has now surpassed 7 million players, has a ton in store for its fourth season. Here are the highlights:  

  • The highly-requested Super Animal is finally here: Super Lizard (including a total of 5 unique breeds)
  • The new Sense of Scale Animal Pass (includes new cosmetics, an emote and a Mini Lizard pet)
  • A huge update to the S.A.W. vs Rebellion mode including the Giant Star-Nosed Mole boss battle
  • Map updates to the S.A.W. Research Labs and Pixile Port points-of-interest
  • New Rock & Roll themed Twitch Drop items
  • And tons of quality-of-life updates, game balancing and more

More Content Now Available for Games on Stadia

On the latest This Week on Stadia blog post, the Stadia team showcased even more content and updates for games already available on Stadia. Here’s a quick list:



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