Outriders WorldSlayer Available on Stadia Now – Trial Review

The Outriders World Slayer expansion from Square Enix is out now on Google Stadia. This new expansion brings new armor sets, weapons, a brand-new campaign, and also introduces “Apocalypse Tiers” as an added difficulty.

Apocalypse Tiers

Image depicting Apocalypse Tiers on WorldSlayer

Apocalypse Tiers add a whole new level of difficulty to both the base game, and the World Slayer content. These new tiers can be increased regardless of the content you choose to play and, they scale the difficulty according to your current tier.

You are able to play the base game and its content with both World Tiers and Apocalypse Tiers. However, any expeditions you do (and World Slayer specific content) use the new tier system.

Pax Points

Image depicting Pax points on WorldSlayer

The new expansion also adds the Pax system. This new system allows you to access new class specific trees for new abilities and perks. It should however be noted that class points and pax points are separate and can only be spent on their respective trees. The pax tree is always active regardless of the content you play.

Ascension Points

Image depicting Ascension Points on WorldSlayer

Ascension points are additional skill points you can earn through completing missions and expeditions. It adds even more perks that are necessary to survive the unforgiving storms of Enoch and the ever-present dangers the Outriders face. You can invest in skills that increase your resistance, increase, the damage you do, or simply increase your survivability.

Above are several screenshots that were captured on Google Stadia through the Edge browser. All your favorite characters make a return. Albeit, they seem to have had a few rough months after the Outriders worked so hard to bring the drop pods down in the base game.

Don’t forget you can start a free 45-minute demo of the new expansion right now or purchase the full game on Google Stadia.

We hope to do an in-depth review soon for you!


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