New Outright Games Stadia Titles Announced

This morning, Outright games held their unwrapped event and announced a slew of new Titles for Stadia! This strengthens an already very strong partnership between Outright Games and Stadia. Outright games is second only to Ubisoft in terms of publisher support for the platform.

We’ve gone ahead and added all these new Outright Games Stadia titles that were announced to our upcoming games list, but let’s go ahead and break them down here.

The first is a brand new DreamWorks Dragons game (based on the the How to Train your Dragons Movies) coming Fall 2022: Dragons Legends of the Nine Realms. There is an existing game, Dawn of the Riders, available on Stadia already at this point. This new game looks to bring updated graphics/models new gameplay and a really fun looking environment. Real gameplay was shown in the video below.

Next! It’s a new 4 player Paw Patrol multiplayer racing game, Paw Patrol Grand Prix. This is a Mario Kart style game that looks to include a wide range of characters, vehicles and special vehicle skills that are charged up as the race evolves. This again looked to have really great models and amazing looking environments. Live gameplay is shown again in the video below.

Third is a game that definitely took us by surprise! It is a collaborative “cooking” game, in the style of Overcooked, targeted at young ones who will be creating “LOL Balls”. L.O.L. Surprise! Gameplay again is shown in the video below.

Fourth is a game we know people are going to be excited as it takes place in the Star Trek universe! Star Trek Prodigy Supernova!! The game, slated for an October release, has a 3d open-world-(ish) feel with beautiful environments, unique characters and Star Trek laser blasters in tow! Gameplay is shown in the video below.

The last game announced (and announced as coming to Stadia for the summer!) is My Little Pony A Maretime Bay Adventure! My Little Pony, of course, has a huge following among young ones – including our own Bronies. The game play looks polished with fun colorful environments and all the My Little Pony creativity you’d hope for! Again, check out the gameplay in the video below.

Before ending, they teased a game coming in 2023 (without mentioning any platforms) that we are already super excited for! By all appearances, it looks like we could be seeing a DC Justice League game next year! If the trend of the previous five games continues, we could potentially see it on Stadia as well.

You can watch the full event on YouTube below:

We are definitely excited for these new Outright Games Stadia Titles. Which is the one you are most looking forward to?


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