New Wreckfest Update Now Available on Stadia

Wreckfest is one of the craziest racing games on Stadia. Pure and chaotic fun that a lot of people from the Stadia community enjoy. Understandable, people were upset when days passed by and seasonal events were not available on Stadia. This meant that Tournaments simply were not possible, handicapping progression and the competitive aspect of the game.

Today, this has changed! THQ Nordic has just announced that the Stadia version of Wreckfest has been updated.

This new update brings the popular Tournaments mode, adding daily, weekly and seasonal challenges. This way, players can rank up in the leaderboards and unlock new vehicles. Alongside this long-waited content finally making its way to Stadia, the update also fixes several glitches. Perhaps it’s placebo effect, but performance seems to be a bit better.

Interested in Wreckfest? Purchase it now that’s on sale on the Stadia Store, or claim it at no additional cost with Stadia Pro. Big thanks to community member @in7ead for constantly reaching out to THQ Nordic in order to get things fixed. We wish you all a Happy Wrecking!

Tournament menu of Wreckfest in Stadia
Tournament menu of Wreckfest in Stadia



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