One Lonely Outpost Is Now Available To Play On GeForce NOW

One Lonely Outpost

One Lonely Outpost, a space farming simulator from developers Freedom Games, is now available to play on GeForce NOW via the Steam version of the game. The game is a brand-new release and has launched as an early-access title. 

Taking on the role of a pioneer stepping foot on the planet of Calypso, which has its own mysteries to uncover, players will need to tap into the planet’s potential to make it hospitable for civilisation. 

Players will need to terraform Calypso’s dry landscape, planting and tending the seeds that will grow and help provide oxygen and eventually go on to make the air breathable. You will also need to grow and harvest food, mine for resources, record existing life, minerals, weather and more as you strive to build a brand new community from the ground up. Of course, you will not be completely alone from the outset, as you will have Qwerty, who is your trusty robot companion who has made the journey to Calypso with you. 

The work you do on Calypso will be key to the survival of humankind. As your outpost becomes more hospitable, travellers will arrive and put down their own roots, allowing you to form close friendships and even opening up the possibility of an outpost romance! 

“The virtue of working together to build something new can be found at the core of any healthy society,” said Bryan Herren, Director of Marketing, Freedom Games. “One Lonely Outpost honors the strong communities that come together to build something larger than themselves, including our own. I’d like to thank our wonderful community for following along our journey thus far. We can’t wait to show you what’s to come for 1.0!”


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