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The team behind Our Passing Thoughts, an upcoming Stadia game slated to release this year, showed off the first glimpses of gameplay today on their new TikTok channel. The game, formerly known as “Fragments,” started its life in a Google Stadia Game Jam back in 2021. It was one of three game concepts that Google decided to fund at the end of the event (along with Battle Billiards and Bushido Bots).

The game has come a long long way since that event. Check out the gameplay for yourself:

It has quite a unique set of co-op mechanics where you pass virtual “batons” (which looks like a circular orb) in the game to take turns jumping and performing attack abilities.

In a follow up video, the main developer (Michael Berthaud, who also appeared on last week’s episode of Stadium Connect North), describes the two main characters as “Broken Spirits” who are trying to repair themselves. The game is designed to “test and strengthen the communication” skills between two people.

After checking out the gameplay, we’re excited to see Our Passing Thoughts land on Stadia later this year. Are you going to play with your significant other? A friend? Will your communication skills pass the test?

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