Outbreak Games Officially Announced for Stadia


In a Next Up on Stadia Blog post today, the Stadia team officially announced three games are coming to the platform in the near future.

One of those games was Outbreak: Contagious Memories from Dead Drop Studios who has been enthusiastically interacting with the Stadia community for awhile now in an attempt to reach this moment. It appears this deal must have been inked just within the past month or so.

The game is a classic horror survival and the latest in the outbreak series. Here are some of the touted features:

  • Classic survival horror mechanics. Inventory and resource management, conveniently written and placed notes, backtracking and puzzles.
  • Full co-op integration, play through the full game solo or with a friend in splitscreen!
  • Integrated camera control, choose between 1st person, 3rd person, and classic fixed camera.
  • Hordes of undead, mutated beasts, and monsters with lots of extra teeth.
  • Unlock Operation: Rabid Wolf, an arcade bonus game where you fight through the city alone or with a friend rescuing survivors.
  • Plenty of unlockable bonus content and game modes.
  • Voice acting that’s almost cheesy enough to put in a sandwich!

You can watch the Stadia game trailer below!


What’s more, however, is that there is a live playable demo of the next (and next-gen) game from the series is now available to play on Stadia as well! Play a teaser for Outbreak: Shades of Horror now!

What is cool is that this is coupled to a kickstarter campaign where people can back the game’s development after trying the demo for themselves! A very cool way of using Stadia’s demo feature!

You can see a full list of upcoming games for Stadia on our list.


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