Palworld releases on GeForce NOW, a Win for the Community

Palworld on GFN

We celebrate the small wins here at Cloud Dosage. I entered a snail racing tournament and my snail won. And that race was a marathon! 50 inches! The race lasted an entire week…

Small victories.

And then today happened.

Thursday… GFN Thursday!

GeForce NOW’s weekly release announcement day, i.e., players having existential breakdowns because of laggy connections’ day.

And then I spotted it…

Palworld. Palworld. Palworld.

Although Pocketpair, the developers, stole my name (Palland = Palworld), I don’t even care. It’s Palworld, people!

A Game of Bones and Pals

What is Palworld, you ask? Well, aren’t you having a fun time with SpongeBob, Patrick…

Palworld is a survival crafting game set in the Palapagos Islands, an expansive open world full of colorful and dangerous Pals. Whether you’re playing solo or with friends in multiplayer, your goal is to catch Pals, gather resources, build up your base, and become strong enough to explore every corner of the map, capture and breed the strongest Pals, and defeat powerful Palworld bosses.

Palworld has yet to fully develop as the title is still in early access. For now, you can build, craft, level up, collect pals, level up your pals and explore and defeat other pal controlling bosses like Zoe and Grizzbolt. The developers have a lot more in store for the game – including PvP modes releasing this summer.

Palworld has broken more records than that heap of plates did at your friend’s Greek wedding.

While playership is currently down as we wait for updates, shortly after release, the game had achieved the second-highest concurrent playership on Steam of all time.

The game stirred up controversy upon its initial announcement and release because of its heavily influenced Pokémon references.

One critic wrote, “The game’s references to Pokémon have been a double-edged sword, however, drawing in players while sparking debate over the line between imitation and innovation.”

I disagree.

Palworld pays homage to Pokémon in a bizarre DayZ kind of way.  It’s literally a double-edged sword for some… But, if I can get over Poketpair borrowing the form of my own name, surely others can get over the fact that the game took some inspiration from another franchise.

I won’t keep you, except if your name is Patrick and you literally live under a rock in Bikini Bottom. Just remember, Palworld might be like my snail, Simon – a violent delight with a violent end, because he got eaten by a stupid person.

The GeForce NOW community got a small win today. Let’s have a Kiki! No escargot unfortunately…

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