Party Streaming Comes to Stadia

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Google Stadia is rolling out big improvements to Live Streaming with enhancements to existing functionality along with new features. This news was broken by our friends at XDA-Developers.

Stadia Live Stream

Let’s start with the big news! Stadia is rolling out Party Stream and it’s exactly what it says on the tin, the ability to share the game that you are playing within a party. Each party member can select your name and instantly see your gameplay.

This is a lot less setup than streaming to YouTube and built right into Stadia. We hope it also reduces the couple second viewer latency that YouTube adds, which would make it ideal for games like Jackbox.

Parties on Stadia can include up to 10 players, which can be a little more low key for seeking help on that level your stuck on or just showing your gameplay to a few friends. Either way Party Stream allows a combination of ‘broadcasters’ and ‘spectators’ which links well to our recent Stadia APK 4.22 findings which references these strings found.

While XDA-Developers noted this feature is only available on the web for now, the fact that the strings are found in the APK as well is a really good sign it is coming to the app as well!

A shout out again to XDA Developers for their early findings and nice clips of the new feature in action.

Party stream Viewer experience
xda-developers Party Stream in action. Click to watch the animated gif. And, notice a hint at a new game possibly coming to Stadia – Sonic Racing??
Party stream streamer experience
xda-developers live stream count

At the moment you can see a view count, which shows how many viewers are watching your stream. Once fully rolled out you will now also see who from your party is viewing any comments and emoji’s all in the top left hand corner.

Enhancements to Existing Live Streaming

It’s always been really easy to start streaming to Youtube via Stadia, whether it’s to a large audience or just a private clip. It’s only a few clicks away. However, it has always become dis-jointed if you want to change your game in the middle of a stream. Now you will be able to leave one game and switch to another, albeit from a supported device, and you’ll be prompted to “Resume Livestream”. It’s another great enhancement to keep you and your viewers engaged

All of these features are rolling out to Stadia starting today. So, keep your eyes peeled over the next few days!



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