PixelJunk Raiders – Game Review

Q-Games brings us PixelJunk Raiders, a new installment of its PixelJunk franchise. On this occasion, PixelJunk Raiders greets us with a roguelike adventure in which to explore different randomly generated levels. Our mission is to rescue different residents of the planet Tantal, which is under attack from a race of hostile aliens.

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Dynamic gameplay and combat system

At first, PixelJunk Raiders may seem like a very simple and basic game. We select our mission and appear in a randomly generated environment depending on the name. Our mission, in most cases, is to explore the area and rescue the survivors we meet along the way. From time to time, we will be attacked by different types of aliens. As we progress through the game and visit different locations, we will discover new species of aliens. Their level and attacks will also increase. Enemies that we could easily defeat, might end up becoming threats if we don’t prepare properly.

Before embarking on an adventure, we can select DNA modifications, which are improvements that can give us passive skills or increase our stats. Also, we can equip ourselves with weapons and blueprints that allow us to build constructions or summon allies. We can find blueprints, weapons and materials just by exploring. As we complete missions, we will raise our rank and level. This way we can unlock new DNA modifications, abilities, weapons, and even some cosmetic items for our character.

The combat system feels inspired by titles like Ocarina of Time and Dark Souls. Based on the premise of focusing on an enemy and being able to attack or dodge their attacks. We can also equip a weapon in each hand once we unlock the option. More options that we can unlock, include new weapons and movements that will make things easier. These options change, to an extent, the gameplay and even the movements of our character. We can opt for agility with two weapons, be safe with a shield, or even equip two-handed weapons. We can choose our own play style.

A minimalist and polished presentation

Q-Games has always been known for creating adventures with an attractive artistic style, whether in 2D or 3D perspective. PixelJunk Raiders uses a cel shading style with a very striking range of colors that together works very well. To some extent, it may remind us of games like Risk of Rain 2, which also uses similar shading techniques. Characters design is also very well done, and all the aliens, for example, are very different from each other. This make it clear at first glance what their attack pattern and power are. However, it is true that some animations are not very polished. The game menu is presented as the monitor screen of the protagonist’s ship, bringing consistency to the world. It also keeps menu navigation simple and fast.

The audio of the game doesn’t stand out much, especially compared to the visuals. Sound effects are quite basic, but work well enough. The soundtrack is almost non-existent. It can be suggested that the game puts us on a hostile planet, and we need to be alert. The little music that sounds during the game is fairly similar, using a synthwave style. It only varies in intensity depending on whether there are threats nearby or we are in a more relaxed environment.

A game designed for Stadia

Stadia’s exclusivity is an important factor. It is thanks to the platform that the game can incorporate elements that make it stand out. State Share allows us to practically play cooperative games indirectly. By sharing our State Share, we can allow other players to put themselves in our shoes. This way, others can experience the same game as us, being able to use our equipment and items. Options like these make Stadia feel special and offer more variety to players.

Overall, PixelJunk Raiders gives us a new approach to the roguelike genre and a unique bet on Stadia. It is appreciated that some developers, whether indie or not, are creating games that make the most of Stadia’s features and functions. On top of that, we are left with a great game with addictive gameplay that is committed to indirect cooperation thanks to State Share.


PixelJunk Raiders


PixelJunk Raiders
PixelJunk Raiders
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PixelJunk Raiders gives us a new approach to the roguelike genre and a unique bet on Stadia, with gorgeous landscapes and addictive gameplay.




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