Play EA Sports FC 24 in the Cloud With Boosteroid

Almost a year to the date that Boosteroid added FIFA 23 to their Install section, they have now added EA Sports FC 24 as well. With Boosteroid, you can play EA Sports FC 24 on all your screens including smartphones, Smart TVs, tablets, laptops (Windows, MACs and Chromebooks). Your progress will be saved in the cloud and you can pick up your progress on any device anywhere you go.

Boosteroid’s “Install” section lets subscribers play almost any game they want, even if it’s not in the main “Library” section. Not all games are compatible, but the Boosteroid team curates a list of popular releases that work, which now includes the extremely popular EA Sports FC24.

We should point out that FC 24 can also be played on cloud desktop services like Shadow and AirGPU. In some ways, Boosteroid’s “Install” section is similar to these offerings.

How to Play EA Sports FC 24 on Boosteroid

To play EA Sports FC24 via Boosteroid, you’ll need to purchase the game on Steam. Then, subscribe to Boosteroid, click the “Install” section, and search for the game you want to play. Finally, click “Install & Play” and follow Boosteroid’s instructions.

Boosteroid FC 24 Sceen Capture

You won’t see any FC24 official branding or imagery, and it’s a little more complicated than simply playing a game available via their Library. But , the gameplay should work the same once you are in the game. Boosteroid has datacenters throughout Europe and North America. Assuming your internet is up to snuff, your experience should be nearly identical to playing FC 24 on a local gaming PC.

You can check out the official trailer for the game below.

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