Projekt Z Kickstarter goes live with Stadia perk


Indie Zombie shooter Projekt Z was introduced to the Stadia community back in March 2022. After being discovered, then pursued by the Stadia community, the developers 314 Arts, seemed estatic to bring the game to the platform. After doing their research, the team decided an interesting pathway for a Stadia port. They added a cloud port perk (Stadia /GFN) if their Kickstarter campaign reached 105% of it’s goal ($105,132). That means that in order for a proposed cloud port to exist, the campaign would need to bring in $110,389.

Many within the community feel the effort is worth it and began pledging as soon as it went live. At the time of this writing the campaign sits at 51 backers and $2664 pledged

This means that an additional 3K backers at an average $35 per pledge can get this game on Stadia. If you are interested in helping this campaign, you can visit the kickstarter here. You can also watch footage of early developement below.


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