Projekt Z Kickstarter Canceled – Still Planning to Release on Stadia

ProjektZ, the upcoming World War II Zombie shooter, ended up with pledges for about 35% of their ambitious $105,000 kickstarter goal. Likely due to the desire to reach something closer to full funding, the team has decided to end their campaign (no backers will be charged) and take a different route for funding the game.

The good news is that the team is still planning to bring the game to Stadia!! Which, from anecdotal accounts, made up a non-trivial amount of the backing.

We are glad to keep it on our list of upcoming games!

We’ll have to see if there is still an opportunity to throw some funding their way in exchange for custom @4Scarrs_Gaming (who originally suggested the game would still be hitting Stadia) and @cliveillenden zombies….

Update: 5/30/2022 314 Arts just tweeted the are now an official Google Stadia partner!


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