PS Plus Premium & Extra Game Departures For July 2023 Announced

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus has been doing a fantastic job of adding some great games to their Essential, Extra, and Premium tiers in recent months. June 2023 for example saw 25+ titles added to the various tiers, and 20+ of those titles were available to stream in the cloud via a PS4, PS5, or compatible Windows device. 

However, as new games get added, some games must leave and the list of games that will be departing PlayStation Plus in July 2023 has been unveiled. In total, there are 10 games currently confirmed to depart the service, all of which are playable in the cloud. There are also some big titles on the list, including Stray and Marvel’s Avengers

You can see the full list below:

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Lee Reid

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2 thoughts on “PS Plus Premium & Extra Game Departures For July 2023 Announced

  1. Thanks for the useful info Lee. If we claim them are they ours to keep forever? Or are they gone from our collection once they are no longer claimable? PlayStation don’t make it very obvious how that works.

  2. The Essential games, which are the standard three games added each month, if you claim them, you can play then as along as you are subscribed to PS Plus, they wont leave your library.

    The Extra and Premium games are only accessible for as long as they are on the service, as soon as they leave, you will lose access to them regardless if you have it downloaded etc.

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