Rabbids: Party of Legends – Game Review

Rabbids Party of Legends

The rabbit-like creatures from outer space return in the latest original party game from Ubisoft. The 1-4 player family game is available now now in the cloud, but is it worth picking up? Find out in our Rabbids: Party of Legends cloud game review.


At the beginning, the game lets you choose one of two modes: Adventure or Party. In Adventure Mode, you play through a series of mini games to progress through a somewhat weak story line of helping the Rabbids return home. Thankfully the cartoon cut scenes can be skipped and you don’t need to know anything about this story to enjoy the mini games. 

In Party Mode, you can either opt for “quick-play” or “Customise”. Quick play lets you choose the length of time you wish to play (5 to 30 minutes) and it will then randomly select games for you to play to fill that time. Customise allows you to select each mini game you want to play. 

You may be tempted to jump right into Party Mode like I was in my first play through with my partner and our son, but you should know that playing through the adventure unlocks more mini games. 

Rabbids Party of Legends Stadia

There’s A Lot To Enjoy Here

There are a total of 50 mini games to play. Each of them is short and snappy, and, I’m pleased to say, unique in its gameplay. At the start of each one there is a screen to explain the objective and the controls. It may seem tedious to the advanced player but a blessing when playing with younger gamers. 

Whichever mode you decide to play can be played solo or with up to 4 players. As 4 players are required for the mini games, AI bots will make up the numbers where needed. AI difficulty can be customized by selecting easy, medium, nightmare. Pretty self explanatory. 

Rabbids Party of Legends Stadia

You can also opt to play in teams or solo. As some of the mini games are team based, if you choose to play solo, teams will be randomly allocated to help keep it fair. In one match, you may be partnered with one person, only to find you’re competing against them in the very next game. 

Overall the gameplay is snappy and ridiculously fun! Challenges are well thought out and controls are unique to each style of challenge. It’s simple enough to get started straight away without frustration, yet challenging enough to be able to get better with each run. 

Visuals and performance. 

Visually, this game is as you would expect. Running on Ubisoft’s Snowflake engine the animations are smooth and polished throughout. The game is vibrant and eye-catching. 

During my time the play was smooth and without issues. I played on both the Chromecast ultra and chrome browser with no complaints. 

A fantastic port is what we have come to expect from Ubisoft and this certainly delivers. 

You can tell that this game, though I’m sure people of all ages will enjoy it, is definitely geared towards the younger generation. I don’t think they will find anything to complain about here. Despite being known for their lack of attention, younger players will remain engaged through cut scenes and instructions. Characters are all uniquely designed; so, as long as you pick well, it is very easy to keep track of your own character. Helped also by color coding each player. 


Rabbids: Party of Legends on Stadia is a lot of fun. Which is really all you can ask for from a party game. Thanks to the different modes of play and the ability to unlock more mini games as you progress, there is definitely hours of entertainment in this package. The game is currently £34.99 GBP and $39.99 USD. That may seem a little high for the type of game. But, given the hours of enjoyment every family member will get from this, I would still recommend picking it up. If it’s a little pricey for you, do not hesitate when it gets added to a sale. If you like party games, this one will not disappoint!

And, Make sure to check out my first video of gameplay:

Rabbids Party of Legends

Craig Pedder

Rabbids Party of Legends
Rabbids Party of Legends
Fun Factor


This game is a solid choice for anybody but is especially great for a family with younger members. Honestly, though, I think people of all ages will get hours of fun with this game. Even if you play alone you will be entertained and will thoroughly enjoy yourself – whether just for 5 minutes or an hour. It would have been nice to see online multiplayer or a leader board, but alas that wasn’t to be.




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  1. Great review! I’ll probably wait for a sale, considering it’s Ubisoft hahaha.

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