Race to 100 Games – July 2022 Update

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Within a Next up on Stadia Blog Post from February, Stadia announced that the platform would again be receiving 100+ games in the year 2022.

It’s safe to say there has not been a massive flurry of game releases so far in the year. But, nonetheless, Google has again gone ahead and officially announced that 100+ games will be coming to the platform, and we have no reason to think they won’t hit that milestone. Have they announced this before? – Yes, Did they deliver? – Yes. So, we can only assume that 100+ games will in fact be released before we are all bringing in the year 2023 (by watching the Stadia Community Game Awards of course).

The Race to 100 games in 2022

With today’s release of DC League of Super Pets: The Adventures of Krypto & Ace and Valiant Hearts: The Great War, the 2022 game count sits at 41.

Race to 100 games 2022

To reach 100 games by the end of the year, the average release over the course of the year would need to be around 1.92 games a week. As of today, there has been an average of only 1.46 games a week. However, all is not lost! In the Race to 100 games infographic above, you’ll see that we are following a similar trend to 2020. And, as of today, 2022 has actually crept ahead.

Count of Game Releases each month

What is even more encouraging to see is that, since June 2022, there have been 17 games released onto the platform. That’s 41% of the games released this year to date alone! Additionally, with the recent announcements of Saints Row and Skull & Bones, the game count is going to keep climbing.

Stadia Game Count Per Month
Game Releases Per Month

It’s also nice to see that, for the months of May, June and now July, the game count released on Stadia has actually been greater this year than in 2021. 2022 has the most games released for the month of July of any year so far! In addition, be sure to note that, since Stadia began in 2019, we’ve seen a total of 105 games released between October – December. So, start saving up for the holidays!

It’s all there in black and white (and in color!) – the release rate of games doesn’t have to be constant across the year. It comes in waves! For anyone saying “well it’s only 41 games and we’re already past the halfway point!” – what I can say is: between the titles with known release dates and those expected to be released this year, it’s going to be a very very fun final 170 days of 2022!



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