Red Dead Online Stadia Progress Saved!

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Some good news today for Red Dead Online players on Stadia. Players will be able to transfer progress from Stadia to Other Platforms!

@ItsColourTV, the platform’s premiere RDO player, reached out to Rockstar games and got confirmation that progress will be transferred.

Colour, as he goes by in the community, has over 6,000 hours of gameplay time in Red Dead Online on Stadia. So, he is no doubt feeling very relieved not to lose all that progress. He is certainly not the only one! Red Dead Online was one of the most popular multiplayer games on the Stadia platform.

It’s great to see developers stepping up to transfer saved date from Stadia to other platforms. The Elder Scrolls Online sent out emails to all Stadia players explaining how to pick up on another system.

As Google (not the publishers) will be refunding Stadia players purchased game costs, publishers can potentially rack up another purchase of the game from Stadians using their refund to pick up their gameplay on another service.


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