Remember to Enable Cross-Save on Destiny 2 Before Stadia’s Shutdown

Destiny 2 Eclipse artwork

It is no secret that Destiny 2 was one of the most popular games on Stadia. As a massive AAA free to play title, many used the service to enjoy it. While some just migrated their pre-existing accounts and characters, others started their journey on Stadia. Because of this, Bungie has issued a statement regarding the future of these characters after Stadia’s shutdown.

On January 18, 2023, the Google Stadia servers will stop working, and Destiny 2 will no longer be available on that platform. Because of this, the only way to keep playing with your Stadia characters is by enabling Cross-Save. Cloud Dosage contributor and pal, Eddyrick, provided an in-depth guide on how to enable said function.

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It is crucial that those who played Destiny 2 on Stadia enable Cross-Save. If players do not activate Cross-Save by January 18, 2023, they will lose access to their characters, items, emblems, account, and even purchases such as Season Passes. It is also important that users DO NOT deactivate Cross-Save after Stadia’s shutdown. Doing so would completely delete the characters and progress tied to the account.

It is sad to see Stadia go, but at least there’s a way to keep your progress in Destiny 2 and some other games. If you want to keep playing Destiny 2 via the cloud, we suggest you look into GeForce NOW. Right now, it is the best way to experience the game for cloud gamers. Cloud Dosage’s Jack Deslippe gave us his thoughts on the service and how it’s evolving.



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