Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Resident Evil 7 Switch Cloud

Resident Evil is no stranger to cloud gaming, with many of its latest releases being available on services like Amazon Luna, and even Stadia before its shutdown. Capcom’s interest in cloud gaming even pushed them to release a Village demo on their own website using Stadia’s tech. As of late, the Japanese developer partnered with cloud services provider Ubitus to bring their titles to the Nintendo Switch. Not so long ago, Capcom published the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 on the Nintendo eShop, alongside Resident Evil Village.

Today, the reach of Resident Evil and cloud gaming on the Nintendo Switch expands. Users can download a free demo of Resident Evil 7: Cloud Edition. This demo lasts for around 5 minutes, providing players with a feel of the cloud gaming experience. Those with a decent Internet connect, will probably have a positively horrific time. Others, with a poor connection, will truly experience a bad time, however. Personally, I’ve tried the demo and gameplay seems to be smooth even while using a Wi-Fi connection. One thing to note, is that the game features gyro controls, so those using Joy-Cons or controllers with a gyroscope can use this feature, which is enabled by default.

To purchase the game, players will have to download the free demo from the eShop, and spend 3 minutes playing before being able to purchase the game. This way, Capcom, Ubitus and even Nintendo, can guarantee that every consumer tries cloud gaming before purchasing the title. It’s also worth noting, that the demo was already available, but the whole game has just become available today. Japanese players, however, could already rent a cloud version of Resident Evil 7 via their eShop.

This version of the game includes:

  • Main Game
  • DLC Pack (RESIDENT EVIL 7 Banned Footage Vol.1 and 2, End of Zoe)
  • Not a Hero
  • 5 Coin set
  • 6 Survival Pack Variations (Supply Boxes x6, Coins x5, Madhouse Difficulty)

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