Resident Evil Village Cloud Releases on Nintendo Switch Alongside Demos of Resident Evil 2 and 3

Last week, Capcom gave us releases dates for the Cloud Version of their latest Resident Evil games on the Nintendo Switch. Despite Resident Evil 2 and 3 still being a couple of weeks away, new demos have been released. This way, everyone with a stable Internet connection can try these Cloud Versions for themselves.

To save time, you can download the demos directly to your console via the official website:

Both demos have a similar length, being rather short. We’ve tested both demos playing with the console docked with a wired connection. Despite some stuttering for the first minute, the rest of the gameplay worked as intended. Smooth gameplay and barely any graphical artifacts. It is safe to say that Ubitus’, the company behind most cloud games on the Nintendo Switch, has been improving a lot lately. You can check out the performance on this video:

Resident Evil Village Cloud now available

In other spooky news, Resident Evil Village Cloud is also now available on the Nintendo Switch. A demo version was also released quite some time ago, so everyone interested could test their connection. Overall, the game seems to run just fine, as the demo did. There have been some improvements and optimizations, to help deal with casual lag spikes and artifacts. Seeing how “obscure” games like Resident Evil titles manage to look great, is quite impressive.

Winter’s Expansion DLC will be released on December 2nd, adding new gameplay elements, game modes and a new story. Keep in mind that the Nintendo Switch is not a perfect device to experience cloud gaming. If it is your only option to enjoy games like these, then by any means, have a great time. However, we highly suggest that you try the demos before purchasing the entire game.



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