Saints Row Goes Live on Stadia

Saints Row

… Starting in Europe. The game should arrive at midnight local time. You can purchase the game at this link when it goes live. The game is priced at 59 Euros, 49 GBP and we expect 59 USD in the United Stats.

Early players are reporting there is both a high-framerate mode as well as a high-resolution mode in the Stadia version. And, it comes with 50 Stadia platform achievements to earn.

The reviews for the game are pretty mixed with many very positive reviews as well as a number of negative reviews. This is one, like Cyberpunk 2077, you are going to have to try for yourself. We will be doing our own review in the next week or so, which, of course, is the only review you can trust. 😉

Like all new software, expect a few bugs/glitches that will get worked over time. The nice thing about playing on Stadia is that you won’t have to wait for downloads for those updates. They will just appear.

A lot of folks have been waiting excitedly for Saints Row to go live on Stadia. Let us know your thoughts on the game below.


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One thought on “Saints Row Goes Live on Stadia”

  1. I’m both excited and intrigued to try this one!

    Even more so seeing as it has received mixed reviews, as that means that people simply can’t make their minds up about it, thus leaving the experience open to one’s own interpretation!

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