Saints Row Coming to Stadia Day and Date

The new, highly anticipated, Saints Row game will be coming to Google Stadia day and date on August 23!

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You can check out the news from the official Saints Row twitter account!

This announcement had been rumored for awhile since the game was rated, and the community has certainly been hoping this announcement would come. You can now officially get your hype on! Start by checking out the official trailer.

The game acts as a reboot of the franchise, with a brand new cast of characters and improved visuals and gameplay. This entry is being developed by Volition and will be published by Deep Silver. To help increase that hype level, you can play Saints Row 3 and Saints Row 4 right now on Stadia.

This new Saints Row is a third-person action game in which players follow the story of a criminal organization’s rise to power in a fictional city, Santa Ileso. Players explore an open-world environment, engage in combat missions, and battle enemies (e.g., rival gangs, criminal organizations, police forces) for territory and influence.

You can check out Saints Row and all the other games we know to be coming to Stadia in the future on our complete list!

Are you excited to play Saints Row on Stadia? Let us know in the comments! Otherwise, see you Santa Ileso!


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  1. Great to see that the game is coming to Stadia on day one. Proves that the port was already done and were just waiting for approval. Great stuff!

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