Samsung Freestyle Brings Cloud Gaming To Any Surface

The second generation portable projector from Samsung has just been released bringing an exciting feature for gamers.

The Freestyle 2 keeps the same unique and portable design of the original Freestyle as well as the original features. Features such as its 180° adjustable design, auto adjust (to straighten images and adjust white balance where needed) and all the entertainment apps you could need.

What’s new this time around is the addition of Gaming Hub. A much-loved feature taken directly from newer Samsung TV models. A one-stop shop for all cloud gaming services. Including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and GeForce Now. Two of the biggest players in the game.

Now you play bigger on any wall in your house. And with the addition of a battery adaptor (sold separately), you can even play outside, if you so please, providing your hotspot is strong enough.

The best part of all of this, in my opinion, is despite a new feature being added, this year’s model sees a rare reduction in price. Something we don’t see all that often.

The bad news? Whilst pre orders are live now, it appears to be US only. Who knows if and when we will see a launch outside the US.

The question that begs to be asked is why couldn’t a software update bring the first generation Freestyle. We can only assume this is down to limitations with older processors as this was the same with their TV line ups. Only 2021 models and newer received gaming hub.

What do you think of a projector with Cloud Gaming built in?



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