New Resident Evil Village Content Announced for Stadia

It looks like Google Stadia is still seeing support from AAA publishers . New Resident Evil Village content has been announced for Stadia in 2022. The content labeled the “Winter Expansion” is as follows:

Shadow of Rose


New DLC for Resident Evil Village has been announced and it’s called Shadows of Rose. A fitting name for accompanying DLC to an already fantastic entry in the RE series.

New content heading to the Mercenaries.


New content is coming to the Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village.

New Characters for Mercenaries mode

Lady Dimitrescu the most loved vampire mama in the entire world is making her entrance claws bared and ready to snare. (She’s my favorite but don’t tell anyone)


Mr. Heisenberg. The wise cracking yet dangerous old man comes smashing his way through the upcoming addition. He brings a big hammer, but nothing stops him when you get on his bad side.

Chris Redfield. Also known as “Mr. Worldwide” in the Resident Evil Verse, he makes his return guns blazing and he even comes attached with a guided-missile launcher. THINGS GO BOOM!

A new third person mode for Ethan Winters


Ethan Winters makes his return to the creepy village in a brand-new third person mode. Now we get experience the game again but this time it may be possible to peek around corners with the camera. He really looks like he would be in his mid-thirties would you agree?


This is all slated to appear October 28th on all platforms Google Stadia included. Prepare your ammunition, sharpen your knives, and bring plenty of medical ointments because, there’s going to plenty of dismemberments happening.


Don’t forget that we previously covered that RE: VERSE is supposed to arrive too and due to a short appearance in the recent reveal it is this author’s personal opinion that it will also likely arrive with the upcoming content expansion in October.

Let us know whether you’re looking forward to the new content, and what would be your favorite part to experience in the comment section below!


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