You Can Now Skip the Free Stadia Pro Trial If You Want To

You heard that right, new users can now skip the free Stadia Pro trial if they want to. Up until today, for quite a while now, new users creating a Stadia account have been required to join Stadia Pro for a month for free. While they could always cancel the trial a minute later; the requirement of adding credit card information likely turned a few potentially new users away.

As first spotted by @scooterama on Twitter, there is now a button to skip this free trial

This is a nice little change that further reduces the friction for some new users getting going on the platform.

There were previously a few workarounds that allowed people to create a Stadia account by going directly to one of the free to play game pages, but it is always nice to see this option built right into the normal sign-up process.

That all said, if you are reading this and new to Stadia, we of course recommend that you accept the free trial of Stadia Pro! You’ll immediately get to claim 50 games that stay in your library for as long as your subscribe (i.e. they never rotate out of your library once claimed)!


Jack Deslippe

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