Skull and Bones Now Available to Pre-Order on Stadia

Ubisoft today took the wraps off their upcoming game Skull and Bones which is set to release on November 8th. And, the game is now available to pre-order on the Stadia Store! It is available to pre-order at $69.99 for the regular edition and $99.99 for the premium edition.

The game will feature both cross-play and cross-progression.

You can watch the video of the Ubisoft team talking about the game and sharing some amazing looking gameplay below:

“Live as a Pawn or Die as Pirate” – the game is an open-world (or open-sea) adventure that mixes single-player and MMO like elements. You start small with a small boat and then build up a unique fleet of different types of massive ships as you progress throughout the game. The game developers put a particular emphasis on making battles at sea the most advanced and epic ever.

The game can be played solo but is designed to be played with friends to take on some of the more challenging missions like attacking forts and participating in dynamic events. A (player vs. player) PVP mode was also teased.

You start the game and frequently return to different Pirate “Dens” where you can socialize with other players, accept contracts, craft ships and stock up on items. You can lose your ships at which point, it sounds like you can attempt to recover the wreckage, but it is up for grabs to other players as well. As you might expect, winning battles gives you spoils and increases your reputation (infamy).

Skull and Bones takes place in the Indian ocean during the height of Piracy. Fittingly, Ubisoft Singapore had a major role to play in the game development.

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