Snowtopia Rated For Stadia


Thanks to good friends of the site @dbstadia and @StadiaFr for this discovery. Snowtopia has been rated for Stadia by PEGI!

The release date listed has obviously passed and the game is, in fact, available on other platforms (not listed) in early access. So, take this with a grain of salt. Games being rated for the platform has generally been a good sign they are coming to Stadia in the past, but there have been exceptions as well!

That said, Snowtopia is a “Tycoon” type game (think roller-coaster Tycoon) where players build and run their own ski resort. This would be the first game of this type on Stadia, which would make it a very welcome addition. Tycoon style games are very popular and loved by a segment of the gaming community.

In Snowtopia, you can build and customize your ski-slopes lifts and various facilities associated with a top-notch winter resort destination. Here is the official trailer for the game from early access:

Ready to design some triple black-diamond runs? We definitely are!

Make sure to check out Snowtopia on our full list of games known or likely to be coming to Stadia!


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