What Is Netflix Cloud Gaming’s Niche?

Every cloud gaming platform has its niche, whether it be one for game preservation like the indie-retro gaming platform, Antstream Arcade. Or it could be to allow you to play PC games on any device like NVIDIA GeForce NOW. Or it could be about Big-budget AAA games like Xbox or PlayStation. So, where is Netflix going to fit in with its cloud gaming platform and what niche will Netflix be able to capture? Well, I have an idea; so, let’s discuss it.

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Triple A Gaming And Retro Gaming Are Too Saturated To Standout

Let’s start by comparing Netflix Games to three of their “competitors.” These platforms will be Antstream Arcade, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Why this comparison? It’s simple! Antstream Arcade serves the retro gaming niche, NVIDIA GeForce NOW serves the market of those who want to play their Steam libraries on other platforms, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate serves the gaming audience who want “Triple-A” games across devices including Xbox exclusives like Halo, Gears Tactics and Starfield. So, if all these other platforms (alongside their competitors) already have their own markets, then what can Netflix’s niche be as a way to stand out in the cloud gaming race? Well, there is one way…

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Netflix Games Should Appeal To Netflix Fans

Netflix already has the captive audience it needs – 250 million subscribers! This (actually not so) niche group is the perfect one for Netflix, due to Netflix’s global reach and the hit shows and movies Netflix funds and distributes. Netflix has hit shows and films across animation and live-action as well as owning the libraries of Roald Dahl and comic publisher Millarworld. Likewise, Netflix also owns the game libraries of four different mobile games and indie game studios (Night School Studio, Next Games, Boss Fight Entertainment and Spry Fox). So, the benefit of focusing on pre-established fans of Netflix’s IP is the perfect way for Netflix to find its niche in cloud gaming, right? Well there is a notable downside.

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Would This Be Too Niche For Netflix Games?

Now, the question we have to ask is would Netflix Games focusing on appealing to specific Netflix series fans be too small of a focus for Netflix as a gaming platform? Well… it’s mixed. If Netflix only pumped out games based on hit shows like Stranger Things and Squid Game, then the appeal of Netflix Games would be just to those who are fans of those specific already established universes. However, if Netflix also invested in just a few big video game IP’s (think Grand Theft Auto) and tried starting a few new game franchises alongside the games targeting it’s own existing content, they might have broader reach – even within their large subscriber base. Netflix already owns notable video game franchises like Oxenfree and Dungeon Boss Respawned. Focusing on expanding the offerings as a mix of pre-established franchises and exciting new game franchises is likely key.

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