Stadia has 75 Free Game Trials

Stadia Free Trials

Just last week, we noted that Stadia had added 35 new game trials to the platform, bringing the total at the time to 61. This week, Stadia has increased that number to 75 free game trials! You can see them all for yourself here if you are logged into Stadia or here if you are not.

Thanks again to u/jackl85 on r/Stadia for enumerating the new trials. The additional 14 games are the following:

Note that My Little Pony and Outriders World Slayer are brand new games to Stadia this week – launching with free trials enabled. The additional games come from a wide variety of publishers showing the popularity of this feature among game-makers.

u/jackl85 has developed a pretty cool tool to track these game trials that you can follow on Github and you can also track just the results on Twitter.

It’s great to see more and more games opting into free trials. This is a great way for people to try a game before buying and also for newcomers to try the platform itself. Check out our Editorial on why we think these Stadia Game trials are significant.


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  1. Love that those aren’t locked behind a subscription and you don’t even need an account to play.

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