Stadia apk Findings 3.44: Spectate + Broadcast

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Over the last couple months, we at StadiaDosage have been doing our own Stadia apk findings for the Stadia Android app to discover potential upcoming features in the app.

In an attempt to be responsible human beings, we’d like to note that everything on this list should be taken with a grain of salt as it is subject to a lot of speculation/interpretation and may reflect behind the scenes features or features that never end up getting released. In addition, this list certainly does not represent everything Google is working on for the app. We don’t have access to Google’s private repositories where most development is surely taking place.

Because of the use of flutter/dart these apk breakdowns are a little more complicated than most (involving lots of shell commands and string processing). So, you should consider these particularly imprecise.

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With all those caveats said, here we go!

Stadia apk 3.44.4 (November 30, 2021)

  • SpectateMetadata
  • SpectateMetadata.BroadcasterInfo
  • SpectateMetadata_BroadcasterInfo
  • SpectateMetadata.ViewerInfo
  • SpectateMetadata_ViewerInfo
  • broadcasterPlayerId

This could potentially imply a new “Spectate” feature coming to the platform. Perhaps similar to YouTube direct streaming but with less latency?

  • averageCpuUsagePermille
  • maxCpuUsagePermille
  • minCpuUsagePermille

Hard to guess what these are about. They might just be for use by the devs to understand/improve Stadia CPU usage and requirements in various games/situations.

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