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Over the last couple months, we at StadiaDosage have been doing our own Stadia apk findings for the Stadia Android app to discover potential upcoming features in the app.

In an attempt to be responsible human beings, we’d like to note that everything on this list should be taken with a grain of salt as it is subject to a lot of speculation/interpretation and may reflect behind the scenes features or features that never end up getting released. In addition, this list certainly does not represent everything Google is working on for the app. We don’t have access to Google’s private repositories where most development is surely taking place.

Because of the use of flutter/dart these apk breakdowns are a little more complicated than most (involving lots of shell commands and string processing). So, you should consider these particularly imprecise.

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With all those caveats said, here we go!

Stadia apk 4.22 (July 12, 2022)

This is definitely a juicy update! There is a lot here to unpack; so, let’s dive right in.

It looks like the android app is gearing up to support E-Sports events as part of Immersive Stream or Stadia. It makes so much sense for E-Sports to use cloud gaming! Cheating can be effectively mitigated and players are given a level playing field in terms of hardware etc. Check out these new strings we found:


This makes us think again about what the phrase “spectator” could possibly be in the strings we found previously – see the below apk findings. It appears to be related to the ability to tune into another player’s stream (the broadcaster), but spectating E-Sports makes sense as well. And, again, there is a new string about spectators.

  • SpectatorMediaPlayerInfo
  • SpectatorMediaPlayerInfo_ErrorCause

With additional new strings around this “MediaPlayer”


Also exciting, it looks like reactions to captures on the explore tab are definitely in the works. We now see the following new strings:

  • get:enableExploreCaptureReactions
  • enableExploreCaptureReactions
  • enableExploreCaptureReactionsFlag
  • init:enableExploreCaptureReactionsFlag

And, there is also the following new UI string which explains what will happen if you choose to make your captures private:

  • If you make this capture private, related posts will be hidden and you will lose reactions.

We are curious to find out what “related posts” might mean:

It also looks like Stadia might be about to start reminding you to complete purchases… Or, perhaps, just navigate you back to your home screen after a certain period of time?

  • Are you done in the Stadia store?

Next, it looks like Google is going to start providing some proactive information about what may be affecting your expeience:

  • assignmentDegradedViewModel
  • assignmentPossiblyDegraded
  • assignmentPossiblyDegradedMessage
  • assignmentPossiblyDegradedTitle
  • There are too many players in your area right now, so you’re playing on a server that’s further away than usual. You can still play, but you might see some issues.
  • There are too many players in your area at the moment, so you’re playing on a server that’s further away than usual. You can still play, but you might see some issues.

Not quite sure why the two slightly different phrases (right now vs at the moment) are being used.

More references to new touch controller icons (including the “enterprise” icons found in past apks below) as well as gesture controls

  • enterpriseButtonIconPath
  • enterpriseIconPath
  • enterpriseTriggerIconPath
  • enterpriseStickAreaIconPath
  • switchLayoutIconPath
  • set:gestureSettings

And, these are accompanied by a new Switch Layout button on the enterprise touch gamepad!

The following string suggests that (probably for AndroidTV) you may be prompted to sign up on a second screen in the future. This is common in media TV apps

  • secondScreenSignUpUrl

There are a whole bunch of new strings about Selections and Selectables that we frankly don’t know what to make much of. They could be related to something above or just a new UI in some part of the app.

  • SelectionContainerState&State&
  • SelectionKeepAliveState&State&
  • MultiSelectableSelectionContainerDelegate
  • SelectionContainerState
  • selectionGeometry
  • adjustSelectionIndexBasedOnSelectionGeometry
  • ScrollableSelectionHandler
  • updateSelectables
  • didChangeSelectables
  • updateSelectionRegistrarSubscription
  • removeSelectionRegistrarSubscription
  • SelectionRegistrant
  • ShortcutRegistrarStat

We also see more new strings associated with the use of clearcut analytics as mentioned below.

  • SawmillRoutingDestination_DynamicLogSpecList.
  • SawmillRoutingDestination_LogSpecList
  • SawmillRoutingDestination_LogSpec
  • SawmillRoutingDestination_DynamicLogSpecList
  • usesRouterWithDelegates
  • usesRouterWithConfig

Finally there are a slew of other new strings that we thought could be potentially interesting, but we don’t have clear ideas where they are from and/or are likely low level functions.

  • Join Stadia to get this game
  • Get this content online
  • Looks like this content isn’t available to you yet.
  • If you successfully got this item from the Stadia store on your computer or phone, go back to the previous screen and select ‘Done’ again.
  • compareVertically
  • compareHorizontally
  • onScreenPanningStart
  • onScreenPanningEnd
  • onScreenPanningMove
  • FocusGatekeeperController
  • FocusGatekeeperState
  • compareScreenOrder
  • get:secondButton
  • hasVideoFormatFilters
  • get:videoFormatFilters
  • accessibilityProperties
  • ActionAccessibilityProperties
  • flushAdditions
  • Starting upstream connection
  • Stopping upstream connection
  • nativeSpellCheckServiceDefined
  • determineVisibility
  • impellerEnabled
  • audioJitterBufferLatencyStats

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