Stadia Chromebook Perk Gives You 3 Months of Stadia Pro

Stadia Chromebook Perk

Chromebooks are great devices to run Stadia on. We just reviewed our first Chrome OS detachable tablet, the Lenovo Duet, which we are in the midst of raffling away. One of the points we make in the review is that, unlike many Android devices, Chromebooks get their updates straight from Google (every 4 weeks!), which keeps them running performantly and securely.

If you are looking to get a new Chromebook, now is a great time. In today’s This Week on Stadia post, Google announced they have launched a new Stadia Chromebook perk that gives owners three free months of Stadia Pro when they buy a new Plus or Premium Chromebook.

One of the first things new Chromebook owners typically due after setting up their new device is click on the welcome “perks” link which will take them to this page where the Stadia deal is now prominently displayed.

This is great to see. We think Stadia and Chromebooks go perfectly together.


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