Update for Stadia Enhanced Chrome Extension

Stadia Enhanced

Christopher Klay, the man behind the amazing “Stadia Enhanced” Chrome extension that has over 30,000 active users, announced the release of an update this week

The update to version 1.20.9 brings with it the following new features as advertised on github:

  • Added Polish translation
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Updated the settings menu styling
  • Fixed Stadia Database loading incorrect table
  • Fixed the store split view not working after changes on Stadia’s side
  • Fixed spacing issues in the library grid using custom columns

If you haven’t checked out Stadia enhanced before this update, now is a great time! The extension brings with it some amazing features that allow you to fully control the Stadia experience including codecs, resolution and the browser interface. It also lets you monitor in detail the characteristics of your stream – bandwidth, latency, decoding time, dropped frames, etc. Here is a full list from the extension description:

  • Set VP9 or H264 as the preferred codec • Enable 2K & 4K (requires GPU with support for VP9 decoding)
  • Stream Monitor (Displays frame/package loss among other things), via the group menu
  • Changeable library size on the home screen, toggle between 2 up to 6 items per row
  • Settings for used stream codec and resolution
  • Quick access menu for screenshots and video captures, speedtest, the community and more
  • Store search bar to quickly find games
  • Direct links to a list of Pro titles and games currently on sale
  • Many possible adjustments for the user interface, to allow for a cleaner homescreen
  • The ability to filter games, or install shortcuts for them on your device
  • Slight tweaks to your messaging experience, including emoji support

Are you a fan of the Stadia Enhanced Plugin looking forward to the update? Let us know in the comments.


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