Stadia Game Metascore Insights

Yesterday, we posted the list of Top 10 Stadia games by (cross-platform) Metascore. There were quite a few surprises in this list. Let’s keep to this theme of Stadia Game Metascores and see what other insights we can gain from the data.

Firstly, let’s rank the Stadia games by their cross-platform Metascore and then plot the scores in order:

Stadia Game Metascore Inisghts

Here are some facts about this distribution:

To put this in perspective, here is how Metacritic defines it’s ratings for videogames:

Universal acclaim90–100
Generally favorable reviews75–89
Mixed or average reviews50–74
Generally unfavorable reviews20–49

We are impressed by those games that are sitting at the mean and median levels – there are some fantastic games in that list. Now, think about the fact that half of Stadia of the viewed games have a Metascore higher than these! The Stadia library has a lot of gems!

There are a few other surprises from the data as well!

  • ~90 Stadia games have a rating of 80 of better.
  • The very lowest reviewed game on Stadia is Hello Neighbor, with a 38! The game has turned out to be a cult classic. So, take critic reviews with a big grain of salt…
  • The top rated “Stadia-First” game is Get Packed with a score of 81.

Let us know what you think about these additional Stadia Game Metascore insights in the comments!


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