Stadia Again Leading Competition in GFK Top Game Availability

In the United Kingdom, GFK (Growth From Knowledge), is a consumer sales tracking service that keeps tabs on Top 40 video games sales each week. Gaming journalism hubs provide access to this top sales list each and every week. We can report that Stadia is again leading the competition in terms of GFK top game availability.

Of the Top 40 games, about half of them in any given week are traditional gaming platform exclusives (most often for Nintendo Switch), that don’t really have a chance to arrive on cloud gaming services. See the green line in the plot below.

Not long ago, we were highlighting that Stadia had more of the listed top games available for the platform than other competing cloud gaming services (notably GeForce Now and Luna) for 6 weeks in a row (and before that was on top for 12 weeks in a row). That may have put the jinx on as GFN pulled ahead by one game for the last two weeks.

This week, Stadia is again back on top with 6 listed games available (to GFN’s 5). These include FIFA 22, Just Dance 22, Far Cry 6, Red Dead Redmption 2, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Wreckfest (a game that only sporadically touches the Top 40 list).

Red Dead Redemption 2 has proved to be a particularly valuable get for the platform in terms of this particular metric. The game is on the GFK Top 40 list frequently and often makes the difference in separating Stadia from the other services.

Here is how this data has looked over the past 8 months that we’ve been tracking the data. We believe we’ve been tracking and reporting on GFK Top 40 game availability for cloud gaming services longer than anyone else in the business.

GFK Top Game Availability on Stadia and Other Cloud Gaming Services
GFK Top Game Availability on Stadia and Other Cloud Gaming Platforms

If you’d like to interact with this data yourself, you find it all on our Stadia Stats page.


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