The July Stadia Pro Games are Now Available

July Stadia Pro Games

The 6 Stadia pro games for July are now available! These include

Combined, the new games bring an additional 146 achievements to the platform. Five Nights at Freddy’s comes with 29 achievements. Centipede comes with 16 achievements. Roguebook comes with 58 achievements. Those who remain has 14 achievements. Worms W.M.D brings 29 achievements. Thanks to for the counts.

As we mentioned, this Stadia Pro drop includes 5 brand new games on the platform. With these releases, Stadia now has:

  • 279 games in the Stadia library
  • 157 of which have been claimable w/ Pro
  • 51 are claimable to new subscribers right now
Stadia Game Library Growth over time
Stadia Library Growth over Time

If you like this sort of data, you can find more plots like the above on our stats page.

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