Stadia Mexico Territory Expansion is Coming

Stadia Coming to Mexico

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At Stadia Dosage, we’ve advocated for a while now that the best thing Google Stadia can do to grow the platform and show their commitment to it is to expand to new territories. We’ve shown why we believe that a significant reason for the growth of the platform in December 2020 was related to territory expansion

So, we are really excited to report today that Stadia is continuing to do just that! At the Google for Mexico live event today, Google announced it is expanding Stadia into Mexico! We first discovered this thanks to 9to5Google (though we’d like to set a different tone – (update): we appreciate 9to5 for the changes they made to the article).

As this is a Google Mexico specific event, no other countries were mentioned. But, it is certainly possible that more countries could be part of the expansion as well. We know people in many countries are anxious to see Stadia arrive.

Mexico alone would bring Google Stadia to a territory with 130 million people – increasing Stadia’s reach from 861 million to 991 million – a very significant 15% boost that is similar to their 2020 expansion.

As mentioned above, territory expansion brings with it a significant boost to the player base – it’s a group of people who will first experience Stadia as a platform ripe with features and 280 games to play – including over 50 to claim for free with a trial of Stadia Pro!

So, not only is Stadia not winding down, it is actually expanding! This is one of the frequently asked questions about Stadia we have to cover for search engines in the Stadia FAQ. Having Stadia expand to Mexico is a fantastic sign. We are excited to welcome all of the new Stadians living south of the border!


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  1. So awesome! Super hype for all my family in Mexico! This is a lot bigger than some may think. Expansion into another country doesn’t sound like a company closing up shop ?

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