Stadia Pro Cancellations Going Out – Access to Games Remains Until January

The Stadia team is beginning to process cancellations for Stadia Pro subscriptions. A number of us here at Cloud Dosage have gotten emails like the following today.

Emails like the above are being sent to Stadia Pro Subscribers

If you had a renewal billed on or after September 29th, the Stadia team on twitter has confirmed that you will be seeing a refund for that payment. They also confirmed that folks who were Pro subscribers at that time will maintain access to their Stadia Pro library until the closure on January 18, 2023. At that time, you will lose access to your claimed games. So, you’ve got just over 3 months to 100% as many of those games as possible.

One of the few silver linings in Stadia’s closure is that Google will be refunding all your hardware and game purchases (but not those Stadia Pro subscription fees). This has been euphemistically termed the “Stadia Stimulus” by some as refunds are expected to reach into the thousands of dollars for some of Stadia’s most ardent players.


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