Stadia Rolling Out 1440p Resolution Settings

Those who read our apk findings will remember that last week, we mentioned that 1440p streaming was being worked on. Today, the option has been released. As usual, the feature will be slowly rolling out for Stadia users, so some people might have to wait.

Spotted by Stadia Dosage’s good friend Clive Illenden on Twitter, Stadia has added 1440p (2K) resolution support. For the moment, it seems it’s only available via the browser version of Stadia. In the future, it should also be available via the different apps. Keep in mind that higher resolutions than 1080p are exclusive to Stadia Pro. Also, only compatible devices are eligible, even though users could force high resolutions in 1080p displays with Stadia Enhanced.

This new addition should help Stadia users with 1440p displays that before were forced to 1080p. Also, those who want to save data usage and bandwidth, can use this option instead of 4K. Options like these are important and its great to see the Stadia team working on improving the platform.

If you want a sneak-peek at more possible changes and improvements, make sure to follow our apk Findings page for more details.



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