Ability to Play Owned Xbox Games via Xbox Cloud Still Coming in 2024

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We reported over a year ago that the ability to play games you own via Xbox Cloud Gaming was on the way. But, since that point, the Xbox team went silent on the feature. In the meantime, Sony released this functionality for a couple hundred PlayStation 5 games. Though, you can currently only stream those games to an actual PlayStation 5, which greatly limits the usefulness of the feature.

Twitter user HazzadorGamin posted a screenshot from another Xbox user who asked and got a reply from Phil Spencer himself.

What is the delay? Well, Xbox’s cloud capacity is already being saturated. This can be seen by the fact that cloud gamers frequently encounter queues when launching games. Before, adding even more capability to the cloud, Microsoft will likely want to increase their server capacity. Microsoft has also been discussing moving the cloud gaming service to PC servers in Azure. They may want to completed this migration before adding more games (and usage) to the service.

One important thing to note: while you’ll be able to stream games you own outside of Game Pass, we suspect you’ll still need a Game Pass subscription to stream. The servers aren’t free after all.


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