Super Animal Royale Season 5 Now Available

Modus Games and Pixile Studios, today announced that Super Peacocks have joined the fight in Super Animal Royale’s Season 5. Watch the latest trailer to see all the new additions, which include updated features, a brand-new point of interest, and much more.

This new season adds brand-new content to the popular free-to-play game that everyone can enjoy on Stadia. To start playing, you don’t even need a Stadia account. Login using your Google account and start playing within seconds. Like the game? Create a Stadia account and keep up playing.

Pixile Studios has also released a Developer Overview showcasing all the new additions. New Season Pass, new map location, new weapons, new Super Animal, and much more. Take a look:

  • Season 5’s Friends of a Feather pass offers colorful bird-themed items and the new Mini Chicken pet.
  • Super Peacocks join the fight, flaring their fans with four unique breeds.
  • A new biome centered around a sprawling redwood forest: Murre Woods, featuring new lighting effects and Peep’s Camp.
  • A new weapon: Dogna’s Dartfly Gun is an upgraded, epic and legendary version of Dogna’s Dart gun.
  • The Bwoking Dead game mode has been reworked, with explosive results.
  • The emote wheel has been overhauled.
  • A new neck cosmetic slot, mini animal dances, and more!

Get all the details here.



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