Super Bomberman R Online Shutting Down in December

Make sure to get your Bomberman battle royale fix in before December, because, unfortunately, Super Bomberman R Online is shutting down shop across all platforms, including Stadia.

The game was a favorite of the staff here at Stadia Dosage when it launched on the platform in Stadia Pro before eventually going Free to Play across multiple platforms. It’s possible that the free to play model didn’t work out as well as they had hoped because, today, Konami officially announced the game (which is a completely online multiplayer experience) would be turning off the lights at the end of the year.

We are definitely sad to see this game go, but we’ll be playing the heck out of it before December. Expect some play-along tournaments as we pay tribute to the life and times and Super Bomberman R Online! It is a game that has served Stadia well for over two years.

Stay tuned for tournament details.


Cloud Dosage

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