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Our goal at Cloud Dosage is to serve the cloud gaming and wider gaming community by providing well-researched, data-supported, detailed and unique information on cloud gaming that adds to the overall gaming ecosystem.

As our About Us page says, we’ve always been inspired by the many people stepping up to contribute and make everyone’s experience with cloud gaming better – people making apps and extensions, wikis and databases, managing communities, guides, news sites and videos, organizing play-a-longs/events/places to hang out, creating and moderating help and discussion communities, doing reviews, helping new people discover cloud gaming and people to play with. We also appreciate the people out there just having fun and sharing that positivity with the community – e.g. in screen captures/videos, memes, daily excitement for new games or features. We find the atmosphere around cloud gaming contagious!

Cloud Dosage is a project we are passionate about. It’s our way to contribute to this amazing community.

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If you appreciate our content, the most important thing you can do is simply visit the site, subscribe via WordPress, FlipBoard or RSS. It also helps us a great deal to follow/share our content on Social Media.

About Ads and Removing Ads

Running Cloud Dosage does take resources. We’ve striven to create a clean website that contains tasteful ad placements. The revenue brought in from advertising helps make this effort sustainable.

To that end, if you’d like to remove ads (or simply want to help out), we’d really appreciate your support (starting at just $2 a month) in one of two ways:

When you become a member at either of the above sites, you will have ads removed on this site (when logged in) within 48 hours. If your username on the above sites does not obviously match your username, simply message us to let us know what username you’d like to make ad-free.

Existing YouTube channel members with accounts on, should notice the removal of ads as of the time of writing.

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